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How Bankruptcy Can Stop Wage Garnishments

Wage garnishments can make a big dent in your finances. This can hit you hard since you are already in debt. A creditor can take as much as 25% (or even more) of your pay, reducing your take home and making it difficult for you to manage your expenses. Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Medical Bills and car repos are just a few of the debts that can garnish your wages in the State of Florida.

Will Declaring Bankruptcy Help You?

When you are already in financial trouble you should explore bankruptcy options. If you declare bankruptcy, the garnishments will stop and you may even be able to recover some of the money that was taken from you, giving your finances a much-needed boost. No matter what type of Bankruptcy you file, – Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – and what kind of debts you have, you will get relief from wage garnishments.

Getting a Stay

When you file for bankruptcy, you get a Court Order (also called a Stay Order) that prevents creditors from collecting debts from you via garnishing your wages.

Wage garnishments - A fresh start road signWhat Happens Once the Bankruptcy Proceedings End?

When your proceedings are over, your creditors will not be able to resume garnishing your wages as before. You have a Fresh Start.

How to Make Sure That the Wage Garnishments Stop

As your attorney, Steven M. Fishman will ensure that your wage garnishment stops. In many cases money that was taken from you in a wage garnishment, WILL BE RETURNED to you.

Steven M. Fishman Can Give a Free Evaluation of Your Circumstances

If you are unsure if declaring bankruptcy would stop your wages from being garnished, call Steven M. Fishman for a free and no obligation consultation. He will let you know what you’re the options are in your circumstances. Not all bankruptcies are the same and the road to debt relief is different for everyone. Let an experience and understanding bankruptcy attorney help you get the fresh start you need. Call 727-724-9044 to schedule your consultation today and get the help you need to get started on your road to a fresh start.

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