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Feeling Broke This Year?  Tips for the Holidays on a Budget

Plenty of Americans are scrambling for ways to enjoy the holidays without spending a lot of money. There is no shame in relishing the company of friends and family without splurging on extravagant gifts and elaborate meals. What matters most is that you spend time with those you value most. You can still enjoy the holidays on a budget if you take these following steps to minimize the financial burden of the season.  If you’ve overspent in years past and face an uphill battle to pay your debts, reach out to bankruptcy attorney Steven M. Fishman for assistance

Honesty is the Best Policy

Insist on frugality this holiday season and you might be surprised by your family’s response. Be honest about your desire to enjoy a minimalist holiday and you just might provide your friends and family with a powerful sense of relief. Though we are all tempted to splurge on lavish gifts, the truth is that such spending racks up crushing bills.

Don’t let the pressure of holiday gift-giving leave you and your family in debt. Embrace the money-saving ideas outlined below and you’ll enjoy plenty of holiday cheer without amassing a mountain of debt that leaves you considering the prospect of bankruptcy.

Create a Holiday-Oriented Living Space

Just because you are low on money does not mean you have to be a Grinch. You can create a festive atmosphere in your living space without shelling out big bucks. Light some low-cost candles, create DIY holiday crafts with your family and put on Christmas tunes in the background. Bake some Christmas cookies, hang a mistletoe and enjoy this time with your loved ones. There are many ways to enjoy your holidays on a budget.  You just have to remember to keep it focused on family and friends.

Swear by Your Holiday Shopping List

Take some time to prepare a bare bones holiday shopping list for those who mean the most to you. Invest yourself in coming up with affordable but meaningful gift ideas. In many instances, you can save plenty of money by creating DIY gifts at home. The key is to avoid deviating from this list. Don’t fall into the trap of paying hundreds of dollars for gifts just because it seems like everyone else is going “big” on their holiday gifts. You can buy fancy gifts in future years when money isn’t so tight.

Enjoy Free/Low-Cost Holiday Activities

There is no point in spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a holiday ski resort getaway when you are strapped for cash. If you have made this type of mistake in the past, our bankruptcy attorney can help you get a fresh start. Part of your “bounce back” includes figuring out how to enjoy time off from work without splurging.

Consider taking a stroll around nearby streets to check out the Christmas lights displays. Bring the family to the town’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Head on out to listen to the local Christmas carolers. Drink some eggnog while watching holiday movies with your family. Each of these activities will provide plenty of Christmas cheer without zapping your savings.

Break Free From Tradition

Don’t be a social automaton! There is no law that says you have to buy gifts and send cards to everyone in your family/social circle. Always put your financial needs ahead of social pressures.

A Minimalist Holiday Dinner

It is not necessary to pay through the nose for a Christmas ham, champagne and top-notch desserts. Keep things simple this holiday season by serving the basics. You can even turn your holiday dinner into a potluck so friends and family can alleviate your financial burden by contributing unique dishes. You should have no shame in admitting that money is tight this year and you are celebrating the holidays on a budget.  If you are at a financial dead end, do not hesitate to coordinate a free no-obligation consultation with attorney Steven M. Fishman today by calling 727-724-9044.  Give yourself the gift of a fresh start in the New Year by getting your debt relief consultation today.

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