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Are You Struggling with Debt? A Debt Lawyer May be Able to Help You

There is no shame in having debt. Just about everyone goes into debt at some point for an automobile, a college education, medical treatment, everyday expenses, and other necessities. A growing number of people are finding it increasingly difficult to pay off their debt. If you are in this situation, do not panic. The assistance of a debt lawyer has the potential to change your finances and your life for the better.

How a Debt Lawyer Can Help

If you are served with a summons or complaint about an unpaid debt, you may benefit from the assistance of an experienced debt lawyer. Otherwise, you could lose your case by way of default judgment or have to go up against highly-paid corporate attorneys alone in a court of law. Work with Steven Fishman to file an answer with the court and represent you at hearings. He will work to convince the judge to dismiss the case. It’s also possible that the opposing counsel will agree to a reasonable settlement. In some cases, these settlement agreements allow debtors to pay as little as 10 to 20 percent of the total debt they owe.

Plenty of creditors are willing to negotiate a payment plan with an attorney, rather than compete with him or her in court. After all, litigation is expensive. Hiring a debt lawyer will let the opposing counsel know you are prepared for a legal battle. Oftentimes, simply securing the services of a debt lawyer can cause the opposing counsel to initiate settlement negotiations or even dismiss the case outright, due to the costs associated with conducting a legal battle against an experienced attorney.

The Professional Representation You Need

If the opposing counsel is not interested in settling, Steven Fishman will fiercely advocate on your behalf, inside and outside of court. In many cases, the opposing counsel is unsure of how to respond to legal arguments made in court because very few debtors hire debt lawyers themselves. Sometimes, the creditor’s law firm will not send one of its own attorneys, instead opting to send an appearance attorney who is unfamiliar with the details of the case. This is the ideal situation for those who have obtained the services of a skilled debt lawyer.

A sharp debt lawyer will seize the opportunity to poke holes in opposing counsel’s complaint. However, the same cannot be said of defendants who represent themselves. Judges are much more inclined to side with a clear argument made by a persuasive debt lawyer than a defendant with little-to-no legal knowledge. Such defendants do not have a clear understanding of their rights, court procedures, or the law.

How a Debt Lawyer Can Help You File for Bankruptcy

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy or have decided to do so, you need a debt lawyer who understands the specifications of bankruptcy. Stephen M. Fishman is an experienced Pinellas County attorney who will help you decide between Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He will also advise you of your rights, the necessary paperwork to complete your bankruptcy, and the best strategy to move forward with a fresh financial start.

A Debt Lawyer’s Assistance Will Make Life Easier

Take a moment to envision what life would be like without pestering debt collection phone calls and letters from creditors. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about a process server showing up at your home or your place of work to serve you a summons or complaint? A debt lawyer, like Steven Fishman, will do everything possible to prevent these disturbances.

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If you have debt issues, do not despair. Steven Fishman is here to help you obtain a clean financial slate and return your life to normal. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance in this difficult period of time. You can reach him at (727) 724-9044 to get started on your debt relief.

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.  Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.  We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy under the United States Bankruptcy -Code.

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