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What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? How can it help you get out of the Debt Trap? It’s very easy to overspend thanks to multiple credit cards and convenient loans that lure Americans into debt. When you pile on credit card and other debt, often you really don’t even know what you are letting yourself in […]

YES! How Bankruptcy can stop Wage Garnishments Wage garnishments can make a big dent in your finances. This can hit you hard since you are already in debt. A creditor can take as much as 25% (or even more) of your pay, reducing your take-home and making it difficult for you to manage your expenses. […]

Are You Struggling with Debt? A Debt Lawyer May be Able to Help You There is no shame in having debt. Just about everyone goes into debt at some point for an automobile, a college education, medical treatment, everyday expenses, and other necessities. A growing number of people are finding it increasingly difficult to pay […]

Chapter 7 Means Test: What Does it Mean for Bankruptcy? A Look at the Chapter 7 Means Test and its Role in Bankruptcy. Those who are considering Bankruptcy should know about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test. In some cases, an individual who would like to declare Bankruptcy under Chapter 7 is barred from doing so […]

Filing Bankruptcy Will Give You a Fresh Start With Your Finances File Bankruptcy to Overcome Credit Card Debt There is no sense making the minimum payments on a mountain of credit card debt. Nor is there any sense in entering an unfavorable agreement with a credit card company. These are traps a bankruptcy attorney can […]

Why You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer When Filing Bankruptcy Filing for bankruptcy can be quite frightening as you do not know how long its ramifications will have on your life or business. You can file for bankruptcy on your own, however, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can help you avoid various mistakes that could make your […]

I Just Received Notice of Foreclosure.  Should I Hire a Foreclosure Attorney? If you have received a foreclosure notice then you have to consider your options. If you don’t want to lose your home and are able to make any past payments, then a foreclosure attorney can help you out. It is important to do […]

Questions to Consider if Thinking of Filing Bankruptcy Filing bankruptcy may be a choice that you are forced to make if you are in financial debt, find it virtually impossible to make different kinds of payments and even live a normal life, possibly find it difficult to buy groceries and even make utility payments and […]

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