Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy allows you to stay in business while reorganizing the debts in a manageable payment plan all under the bankruptcy court’s protection.


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As soon as I file your case I immediately stop nearly all creditor actions and harassments including foreclosures, lawsuits, IRS actions, repossessions and evictions.

Let me tell you how I can advocate for your business in Chapter 11


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I typically file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for businesses or individuals that need to reorganize to get some breathing room from their debts, obligations, contracts, leases, tax problems and landlords.

A Chapter 11 Plan can keep your business “in business” and allow you to survive while you maintain control of your business. It can let you pay back taxes over many years, even IRS 941 and Sales Taxes. Your reorganization eventually will pay the creditors some of their money but usually a fraction of what is owed at an amount your business can afford.


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Chapter 11 is an extraordinarily complex Bankruptcy case and is not for every business which is why you should come meet me, an experienced attorney, for Free Advice in a No-Obligation Office Consultation.  Call today at (727) 724-9044.


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