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Filing Bankruptcy Will Give You a Fresh Start With Your Finances

File Bankruptcy to Overcome Credit Card Debt

There is no sense making the minimum payments on a mountain of credit card debt. Nor is there any sense in entering an unfavorable agreement with a credit card company. These are traps a bankruptcy attorney can help you avoid. If you are struggling to pay your credit card debts, have missed payments or have resorted to taking cash advances from your credit card just to get by, it may be time to file bankruptcy.
Even a credit card rate hike is cause for concern. If you take an honest look at your finances and debt load, an interest rate hike just might make the difference between a possible long-term pay-down and a debt that balloons to an exponential level. Our bankruptcy attorney is here to help you avoid this nightmare.

Meet With a Bankruptcy Attorney to Wipe out Unpaid Medical Bills

Medical debt is one of the top reasons to file bankruptcy. After all, medical care is not cheap. Nobody plans for medical expenses. Even those who have medical insurance might have a surprisingly high co-pay out of the blue. If you are saddled with debt, this bill combined with another unexpected financial challenge can lead to a situation that justifies bankruptcy. Though it is possible to attempt to negotiate a payment plan, there is no guarantee you will be able to honor such payments. Filing bankruptcy with the assistance of a seasoned bankruptcy attorney might be the best option.

File Bankruptcy to Eliminate Those Pesky Bill Collector Calls

People often file for bankruptcy to stop those annoying debt collections phone calls and process servers. It is quite embarrassing to receive a continuous stream of phone calls at home and work simply because you have financial challenges. File bankruptcy and you will no longer have to worry about bill collectors calling and writing seemingly every single day.
The peace and quiet provided by bankruptcy will prove invaluable. Our bankruptcy attorney can make this relaxed state of living your reality within weeks. We will help you file bankruptcy, emerge with a new outlook on life, and never have to deal with a bill collector again.

File Bankruptcy to Prevent a Foreclosure, Garnishment, Utility Turn-off, Tax Levy, Lawsuit, or Repossession

Bankruptcy can prevent the repossession of your vehicle, be a foreclosure defense, and/or a garnishment of wages. It can also halt a lawsuit from being filed in court that names you as the defendant. Filing bankruptcy can even prevent the IRS from seizing your property and wiping out some tax debt. Our bankruptcy attorney can explain the letter of the law, help you file the appropriate documents, and obtain the optimal terms so you can enjoy a fresh financial slate.

Filing Bankruptcy Really Can Help With That Crushing Student Loan Debt

There is a common misconception that student loans can’t be forgiven through bankruptcy. Though federal student loans are ineligible for termination through bankruptcy, it is possible to eliminate some private loans with a personal bankruptcy. As an example, a private student loan provided to attend a non-degree granting program might be able to be discharged in a personal bankruptcy.
Even if a bankruptcy does not wipe out your private student loans, eliminating all of your other debt will make paying down your student loans that much easier. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy with the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney might also make it easier to convince the lender to accept reduced payments. Our attorney can guide you through the bankruptcy process, explain each aspect in easily understandable terms and guide you through this financial reset every step of the way.

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